CR 55: Motorcycle and bicycle protective helmets requirements resulting from a post crash study and experimental research (1987)

A post crash investigation of 329 Motorcycle and Bicycle crashes involving head injury using police, hospital and Post Mortem data and damage assessment of the protective helmets worn in the crash. Experimental research into skull bone strength, transmission of impact force from the lower jaw to the intracranial space, properties of protective helmet lining materials and head forms for helmet testing. Laboratory simulation of sliding and rotational accelerations of the head for different helmet types and crash situations. Findings indicate a need to revise the Australian Standards for protective helmets to provide improved protection to facial and temporal areas, to soften protective helmet liners and improve sliding properties of helmets.

Type: Research and Analysis Report

Sub Type: Consultant Report

Author(s): J P Corner

Topics: Motorcycle

Publication Date: 01/01/87