CR 144: Strategies to Combat Fatigue in the Long Distance Road Transport Industry: Stage 2 Evaluation of Alternative Work Practices (1995)

In this study measurements of a range of indicators of fatigue were collected on long distance truck drivers undertaking a 10-12 hour journey under different operational conditions. Measurements of cognitive performance, physiological state, vehicle control and subjective perceptions of fatigue were taken for a sample of 27 drivers on trips corresponding to staged driving, single driving and driving to a flexible schedule. Results indicate that a 10-12 hour trip is tiring no matter how the work is organised, and that the effects of accumulated fatigue may overshadow the effects of fatigue on a single 10–12 hour trip.

Type: Research and Analysis Report

Sub Type: Consultant Report

Author(s): A M Williamson, AM Feyer,R Friswell and D Leslie

Topics: Fatality, Heavy vehicle

Publication Date: 01/01/95