CR 100: Feasibility of occupant protection countermeasures (1992)

Benefit cost analysis is often used in setting road safety priorities. The concept of Harm was developed for assessing injury mitigation benefits from vehicle safety improvements. This study builds upon previous work in the area. Harm reductions were determined for a range of vehicle safety measures for front seat occupants involved in frontal crashes. These included supplementary driver and passenger airbags (both full-size and face bags), belt tighteners and webbing clamps, seatbelt warning systems, improved seat and seatbelt geometry, padded steering wheels, better design of lower instrument panels, knee bars, padded head protection, and structural improvements. Injury reductions were estimated by body region and AIS improvement using available literature, unpublished data, and where necessary, expert group assessment.

Type: Research and Analysis Report

Sub Type: Consultant Report

Author(s): AP Vulcan, N Fildes, M Cameron, R Parish, D Taylor & K Digges

Topics: Economic, Injury, Occ protection

Publication Date: 01/01/92