The attitudes of young drivers to risk taking, role modelling, drink driving and countermeasures

This report examines youth's attitudes to drink driving, risk taking, role modelling and drink driving countermeasures. The study was conducted in Western Sydney, NSW. Field interviews and a questionnaire were used to identify adolescents knowledge and experience of drink driving, and they perceived to be effective. The results suggest that risk taking such as excessive drinking, drink driving and speeding are serious problems experienced by youth, with males having greater incidence of risk taking than females. Twenty four percent of respondents indicated that they went out with the intention or binge drinking and fifty one per cent reported over the limit drink driving as normal or careless.

Type: Research and Analysis Report

Sub Type: Grant

Author(s): Coulon, Ledwidge, Raymond, McNally & Bidwell

Topics: Alcohol, Risk, Young drivers

Publication Date: 01/01/92