Adolescent males' driving behaviour

There is widespread consensus that young adults are over-represented in motor vehicle accident statistics. This report presents findings of research undertaken in the Newcastle region that analysed young males' driving behaviour and their attitudes towards the question of road safety. The overall research objectives conducted for the Federal Office of Road Safety was to: investigate the relationship between young males' attitudes towards driver education and driving practices; identify how the social construction of masculinity (including peer pressure) influences driving behaviour; collect and analyse qualitative and quantitative data from males ranging in age from 16 and 26 years; determine if socio-economic factors play a role in shaping attitudes towards driver education and driving behaviour; and, examine the spatial distribution and causes of young males' involvement in motor vehicle accidents.

Type: Research and Analysis Report

Sub Type: Grant

Author(s): Dr Kate V Hartig

Topics: Behaviour, Gender, Young drivers

Publication Date: 01/01/97