JBT drinking water update

Number: 2202/15

Date: 17 November

Relevant: Jervis Bay Territory residents and visitors

Topic: Jervis Bay Territory drinking water

Due to recent severe rain events across New South Wales, the water in the JBT has experienced some discolouration.

The water levels at Lake Windermere are much higher than we have experienced in many years.  The high-water levels have placed many of the trees and the soil around the lake under water, which impacts on the colour of the water.

Despite the discolouration the water remains safe to drink.

ACT Health have conducted tests on the potable water on November 7th, and the results remain compliant.

In response to the discolouration, some additional treatment including, increased backwashing of filters and a slight increase in chlorine (safely within drinking water standards) has been put in place. This may affect the taste of the water slightly, however, it does not impact the quality of the water.

We expect this situation to improve as the weather stabilises and will continue to test the water on a regular basis.

If you have questions about the drinking water please contact the JBT office.