Successful applications progressively announced for Round 2 of the Regional Connectivity Program

The Australian Government is progressively announcing projects under Round 2 of the Regional Connectivity Program (RCP), totalling $140 million across projects nationwide.

Of this total, $72.4 million will go to Northern Australia under the Connecting Northern Australia component.

Projects to be delivered across Australia will help to catalyse further investment, improving connectivity in rural, regional, and remote communities, and helping regions reach their potential.

Round 2 of the RCP will leverage a total investment of more than $225 million in improved telecommunications infrastructure for regional Australia.

A key focus of the Program is to deliver place-based solutions that will solve regional and remote digital connectivity issues in some of our most remote regions.

The RCP targets investment in telecommunications projects which respond to local priorities and maximise economic opportunities and social benefits for regional, rural and remote Australians. 

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