Strategic Maritime Fleet

Strengthening Australia’s maritime fleet to support economic and social wellbeing.

The Australian Government has committed to establish a Maritime Strategic Fleet to strengthen our economic sovereignty and support improved National security outcomes.

The Strategic Fleet will be made up of vessels which are Australian Flagged and crewed.

To achieve this, a Strategic Fleet Taskforce was established on 20 October 2022 by the Australian Government to guide it on the formation of the Fleet as quickly as possible.

The Taskforce will also provide advice on what legislative or regulatory reforms are necessary to support the Strategic Fleet and Australian shipping.

The Taskforce will report on high-level strategic objectives by the end of the year, followed by identification of ships options and other needs for a strategic fleet of 12 vessels, expected to be complete by June 2023.

The Taskforce will be supported in their work by the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications and the Arts.

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Taskforce members

The Taskforce will be chaired by Mr John Mullen. Mr Mullen brings extensive experience in international transportation and logistics, with more than two decades in senior positions with some of the world’s largest transport and infrastructure companies.

Joining the Chair on the Taskforce is Ms Angela Gillham, a shipping policy specialist, Dr Sarah Ryan, a leader in the energy industry, Major-General Jason Walk from the Department of Defence, a senior military officer with wide-ranging command, leadership and management experience, and Mr Paddy Crumlin from the Maritime Union of Australia.

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For further information regarding the Strategic Fleet contact:

Andrew Johnson

Assistant Secretary

Maritime and Shipping Branch

Phone: 02 6274 6881