Share your thoughts on drone Remote ID

We are consulting on the best way to adopt Remote Identification for drone use in Australia and want to hear from you.

Remote Identification (Remote ID or RID) is a technology incorporated into drones to provide information about where they are flying and who is flying them.

Better information about where drones are operating will enable the continued safe and efficient operation of drones.

As technology evolves, it will be increasingly important to manage our airspace to accommodate more aircraft and users.

Remote ID can also assist identify drone operators and make sure they remain accountable.

Our paper is a starting point for ongoing discussion and collaboration between government, industry and the broader community across 3 broad themes:

  • data and access
  • technology
  • usage.

It aims to:

  • identify opportunities and risks associated with drone technology
  • outline some of the current approaches for managing issues
  • propose an approach to policy development.

The consultation is open until 5pm AEST 28 July 2023

Please send submissions to or visit the Have Your Say consultation page

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