Regional Tech Hub set to continue as tender outcome announced

The expanded Hub will continue to help rural and regional Australians getting connected to communication services.

In particular, the Hub will include an expanded information library with resources for business, health and education, indigenous connectivity, and communications in natural disasters and emergencies. A new regional partnerships model will also ensure that Regional Tech Hub information and resources reach target audiences through councils and community groups.

The National Farmer’s Federation (NFF), the existing provider of the Regional Tech Hub and successful tenderer, will continue to provide these services over the next 3 years, supporting regional, rural and remote consumers of telecommunications services with independent, factual information and troubleshooting advice.

The Regional Tech Hub is part of the Australian Government’s Better Connectivity Plan for Regional and Rural Australia which is providing more than $1.1 billion to rural and regional communities – including $656 million to improve mobile and broadband connectivity and resilience in rural and regional Australia.

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