A new national approach to tackling rail skills and labour shortages

National Rail Skills Hub launched to help significantly increase the number and diversity of people working in rail.

The newly launched National Rail Skills Hub is an interactive digital platform that provides pathways to resolve skills and labour shortages in the rail industry.

The Hub is a joint initiative bringing governments and industry in the transport and educations sectors together to promote rail as a career with diverse and inclusive jobs.

Developed by the National Transport Commission (NTC), the National Rail Skills Hub will address a critical shortage of rail workers by showcasing the wide range of jobs available in the industry while also fostering broader skills recognition and job portability.

New pathways to critical rail jobs will enable Australians to more readily identify how to start a career in rail, at any career stage. The pathways have been developed in partnership with the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations and Australian Industry Standards.

The interactive platform will share firsthand experiences and news about Australia’s rail industry. It will also act as a tool for those looking to enter the industry or further their skills but are unsure of the opportunities in rail.

Features of the National Rail Skills Hub include:

  • Profiles showcasing rail as a career of choice with diverse and inclusive job roles
  • New career pathways and entry points into some of the sector’s most in-demand jobs
  • Case studies of industry initiatives that are helping to address specific skills challenges
  • National maps of rail education and training facilities in critical skill areas

The National Rail Skills Hub is a key component of the National Rail Action Plan, endorsed by Australia’s infrastructure and transport ministers.

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