New mandatory minimum classifications for gambling-like games content

Commonwealth, state and territory governments have agreed to updated Games Guidelines.

Computer games containing gambling-like content will be subject to new mandatory minimum classifications following agreement between the Commonwealth, and state and territory governments at today’s Standing Council of Attorneys-General meeting.

Updated Guidelines for the Classification of Computer Games 2023 will require computer games containing in-game purchases linked to elements of chance, such as paid loot boxes, to receive a minimum classification of M (Mature – not recommended for children under 15 years of age).

Computer games containing simulated gambling, such as social casino games, will be legally restricted to adults, with a mandatory minimum classification of R18+.

The changes respond to growing community concerns about children accessing this content and emerging evidence of potential harms. The new classifications advance the Australian Government’s broader efforts to protect vulnerable Australians from gambling harm.

Updates to the Games Guidelines were developed following a public consultation process alongside targeted discussions with key industry and community stakeholders, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), the Classification Board and states and territories. They will come into effect in September 2024, to give industry time to adjust to the changes.

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