New $150 million Remote Roads Upgrade Pilot Program launched

A new pilot program will improve critical rural and regional road links, making them safer and more productive.

Critical rural and regional road links will be made safer and more productive thanks to a new $150 million Remote Roads Upgrade Pilot Program established by the Australian Government.

The program will benefit regional communities by improving key regional and rural roads to boost community access, address safety risks and support flow-on economic development.

The costs of upgrading rural and regional roads are often prohibitive for local governments.

The program will support regional and rural councils to improve key road links in their regions.

The commitment will focus on areas with critical road infrastructure needs, ensuring regional communities are safely connected and delivering equitable access to local community centres including schools, medical care and to avoid citizens being otherwise cut off from their local townships.

Improving the road network in rural and regional areas will connect communities and provide access to cultural, social, economic and recreational opportunities.

The program will also be a key enabler for regional freight operators, providing businesses, manufacturers and producers with improved efficiencies and increased opportunities to participate in the economy.

The Australian Government will work with local councils and state and territory jurisdictions to identify projects to be funded under the commitment.


Find out more: Read the Minister's media release.