National Freight Data Hub wins national award

The prototype website won the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) Excellence in Transport Data Award

The award-winning National Freight Data Hub (the Hub) helps provide insights on how Australia’s freight is performing and ways it can be improved by using open data and time-enabled maps and graphs.

It helps paint a national picture of Australia’s freight systems, allowing industry and government to better strategically plan, support day-to-day operations and keep freight moving during uncertain times.

Some insights the Hub currently displays include:

  • congestion insights
  • the number of trucks on the road
  • roadworks
  • border restrictions
  • rest stop usage.

The Hub is in a prototype phase but will be enhanced over the next year to include more information on sea freight, air freight and rail.

Established 12 years ago, the ITS Australia awards recognise the outstanding work accomplished in the Intelligent Transport Systems industry each year.

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