Modernising Australia's media industry

The Australian Government has today released its Media Policy Statement, which sets out the next steps in a program of reform to modernise television services.

The Government is taking a range of specific funding and regulatory actions now, while also setting out the next steps to continue the reform process. This includes:

  • a $7.3 million Television Research and Policy Development Program to inform a transition to modernised television delivery arrangements. This will include establishing a Future of Broadcasting Working Group to investigate issues relating to broadcasting technologies. The Government will also commission research to support the Working Group’s deliberations and future policy development.
  • the extension of transitional support to eligible regional broadcasters for two additional years.
  • a proposed Streaming Services Reporting and Investment Scheme to incentivise and, as needed, require large subscription video on demand (SVOD) services to invest in Australian content.
  • a National Broadcasters Reporting Framework to provide the Government and the public with enhanced information on the provision of Australian content by the ABC and SBS.
  • a recalibrated drama expenditure requirement for subscription television broadcasters so they are on a more equal footing with other sectors.
  • a $10 million Journalist Fund to support the provision of public interest journalism in the regions.

You can Have Your Say on the Streaming Services Reporting and Investment Scheme until 24 April 2022.

The Media Policy Statement builds on the reform program initiated by the Media Reform Green Paper, which raised important issues about how Australians access television content in a contemporary media environment.

To view the Media Policy Statement and to find out more about the measures, go to 2022 Media Policy Statement.