Matildas FIFA World Cup matches added to anti-siphoning list

Australians more likely to be able to watch the Matildas for free in future FIFA Women’s World Cup tournaments.

The anti-siphoning scheme prevents subscription television broadcasters from acquiring the rights to televise an event on the anti-siphoning list until a free-to-air television broadcaster has had an initial opportunity to acquire the rights.

The amended list provides for the equivalent listing of the FIFA World Cup – the men’s tournament – and the FIFA Women’s World Cup. This recognises the growing importance and place of women’s sport in Australia’s sporting landscape.

For both, the list now includes: every match of the tournament involving the senior Australian representative team; the tournament final; and qualifying matches involving the senior Australian representative team that are played in Australia.

The Australian Government is also progressing a review of the scheme and list, in line with its 2022 election commitment.

Consultation on a proposals paper to inform the development of legislation to modernise the anti‑siphoning scheme and list more broadly closed on 17 September 2023.

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