Making some noise for safer vehicles

Pedestrians will soon be safer around quiet cars, trucks and buses travelling at low speeds with the Australian Government introducing a new design rule to make electric vehicles safer.

Acoustic Vehicle Alerting Systems (AVAS) are a safety alert or sound, emitted when an electric vehicle is travelling at low speeds in car parks, intersections, and driveways—improving safety for pedestrians.

A new Australian Design Rule (ADR) will require new electric, hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell cars, trucks and buses to be fitted with an AVAS from November 2025.

AVAS will make these vehicles easier to hear by emitting a sound when the vehicle is travelling at low speeds in car parks, intersections and driveways.

The Government consulted on a draft Impact Analysis proposing a mandate for AVAS for light vehicles and it was strongly supported by state and territory governments, the blind and low-vision community, and vehicle manufacturers.

The new ADR is estimated to avoid 68 fatalities, 2,675 serious injuries and 2,962 minor injuries, and to save the Australian community $208 million.

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