Life saving satellite services being deployed for emergency communications

The Australian Government has today welcomed the launch of the main deployment phase of NBN Co’s satellite communications services, delivering a significant boost to emergency communications for communities and emergency service organisations.

The new satellite communication services are part of the Australian Government's $37.1 million Strengthening Telecommunications Against Natural Disasters, or STAND, program.

STAND is investing in a range of areas including better battery redundancy for mobile networks, more temporary facilities and a communications program.

The satellite service will be deployed to areas across Australia that are nominated by States and Territories, such as fire control centres or evacuations centres. This will help people stay connected when disaster strikes.

The satellite technology will provide a high speed, redundant service that is less susceptible to damage to ground based connectivity.

The Australian Government is encouraging people to ensure they are prepared for an emergency or natural disaster by having a portable AM radio on hand, keeping your phone charged, and ensuring loved ones know your whereabouts and what your emergency plan is.

More information on what the Government is doing to strengthen telecommunications resilience is available at

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