Have your say on telecommunications services in regional, rural and remote Western Australia

We want to hear from you as part of the 2024 Regional Telecommunications Review.

The Review is undertaken every 3 years and is an opportunity for people living and working in regional, rural and remote areas of Australia to share their views and experiences using telecommunications services.

The Regional Telecommunications Independent Review Committee is commencing their consultation across Australia, starting with Geraldton, Western Australia on Friday 22 March 2024.

The Review is seeking a wide range of views and experiences to help inform findings and recommendations. The Review Committee members are particularly interested in hearing how emerging technologies could improve connectivity; the needs of First Nations' communities; ways that telecommunications can support regional development; and the suitability of telecommunications during emergency situations.

The Committee will be traveling around the country to regional and remote areas to hear from communities and local businesses.

Following the completion of consultations, a report on the findings and recommendations will be presented to the Government by December 2024.

For more information about the Review including the consultation schedule, terms of reference, the panel members, and how to have your say, visit www.rtirc.gov.au.