Have your say on Australia’s automated vehicle safety reforms

We are seeking your input to develop new laws for the safe use of automated vehicles.

Automated vehicle technology is advancing rapidly, and it will impact everyone who uses our roads, not just those who use these vehicles.

Automated vehicles offer the potential to improve road safety, mobility, productivity and to reduce road congestion and environmental impacts but they do also have the potential to bring new safety risks.

Alongside the National Transport Commission and state and territory governments, we are working to update Australia's regulatory frameworks for vehicles with a new law called the Automated Vehicle Safety Law, as well as changes to state and territory laws, to ensure the safe operation and use of automated vehicles on public roads.

This consultation explains the automated vehicle regulatory framework as a whole, including parts of the framework that the National Transport Commission consulted on in the past. It also includes specific policy areas that we are seeking feedback on before we settle a way forward. We are seeking your feedback by 11 June 2024.

You can have your say visiting the National Transport Commission's website.