First Nations Digital Inclusion Plan released

Plan will identify priorities for future actions to improve digital inclusion.

The First Nations Digital Inclusion Plan was developed in partnership with First Nations organisations and businesses, industry and Commonwealth and State Government agencies.

By focusing on partnerships and priorities for future action, the Plan will contribute to closing the digital divide for First Nations people and communities, as well as broader priority reforms such as  shared access to data and informed decision-making by First Nations people.

The Plan focuses on how to support improved digital inclusion – access, affordability and digital ability – for First Nations people. It provides a valuable input to the work of the First Nations Digital Inclusion Advisory Group. The Advisory Group was established to provide advice to Minister Rowland on First Nations digital inclusion and will provide its initial report to the Minister shortly.

The Plan builds on the significant investments made by the Australian Government, including through the Better Connectivity Plan for Regional and Rural Australia.

The Australian Government will also fund a series of annual First Nations led Digital Inclusion Forums to hear from stakeholders on outcomes under the Plan and ongoing digital inclusion challenges and opportunities.

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