First Nations Digital Inclusion Advisory Group and Expert Panel welcome new members

Dr Heron Loban and Mr Jerome Cubillo have been appointed to the First Nations Digital Inclusion Advisory Group, which supports efforts to narrow the digital divide for First Nations Australians.

Dr Heron Loban is a Mabuyag Malu Ki’ai woman with family connections to the Mabuiag and Boigu islands in the Torres Strait.

Dr Loban brings to the Advisory Group a wealth of knowledge and experience in not-for-profits, Indigenous law and justice. She currently serves on a broad range of government advisory boards.

Mr Jerome Cubillo is a Larrakia and Wadjigan man with family connections to the Torres Strait Islands.

Mr Cubillo is CEO of the Northern Territory Indigenous Business Network, and has extensive experience and connections in the Indigenous business sector. He is also a member of the department’s Northern Australia Indigenous Reference Group.

Two new members have also been appointed to the Digital Inclusion Expert Panel, which supports the Advisory Group through providing expert advice on telecommunications, infrastructure, data and broadcasting.

Ms Cheryl Bailey is a Muruwari and Kooma woman and is the founder and managing director of Sydney-based IT company, Indigenous Technology.

Mr Dan Lloyd is an executive at Uniti Group with more than 20 years of experience in the telecommunications sector.

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