Customer Service Guarantee (CSG) for phone services set to continue

The CSG will continue to set maximum timeframes for the connection, repair and appointment keeping for fixed telephone services.

In place since 1997, the Customer Service Guarantee has set out maximum timeframes for connections, repairs and appointments for fixed telephone services. It provides for compensation to be paid to consumers if those standards are not met or alternative services are not provided. It complements the Universal Service Obligation (USO) which safeguards access to such services for those who want them.  Currently the CSG applies to at least 3.3 million fixed telephone services in Australia.

While many consumers choose to waive their CSG rights for other service benefits, Telstra as USO provider must provide the CSG. 

Arrangements to continue the CSG for another 3 years (with necessary updating and some minor revisions) comes after a review undertaken earlier in the year. Continuing the CSG will give consumers ongoing protection while complementary protections at the wholesale level are bedded down and longer-term arrangements are considered further.

The Government is encouraging parties to view the submissions to the review to understand the varying perspectives on the CSG and the approach the Government is taking.

New CSG instruments are now being prepared for the Minister’s consideration, in consultation with the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), which will prepare the CSG instruments for which it is responsible. Further information on this process will become available as the process proceeds.

Submissions and information on the thematic review of the CSG can be found at  

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