Changes to vehicle standards to facilitate safer trucks

The Australian Government has made changes to the national road vehicle standards from today to facilitate the supply of safer trucks in Australia, reduce road trauma and boost productivity.

The additional safety measures introduced through the Safer Freight Vehicles package include increasing the overall width limit for new trucks that are fitted with a number of safety features.

The new safety features include devices to reduce blind spots, electronic stability control, advanced emergency breaking, a lane departure warning system, better reflective markings and side guards to stop pedestrians and cyclists from being caught under the rear wheels of trucks.

These additional safety features will prevent injuries and safe the lives of drivers, passengers, cyclists and pedestrians.

Allowing for wider trucks on our roads will also reduce total road freight trips, saving money, reducing environmental impacts and benefitting the economy.

Whilst this change will allow manufacturers to design and supply safer trucks in Australia, operators should continue to engage with their registration authority to determine whether road access permits are required.

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