Celebrating Women Of Aviation Week

We take a look at the Women in Aviation initiative which is helping women reach new heights in the aviation industry.

Have you ever considered a career in aviation? Aviation offers a wide range of challenging and diverse career opportunities for women, including as pilots, engineers, mechanics or air traffic controllers, as well as defence, corporate and business management roles.

In fact, attracting and training an increasing number of female aviation professionals will be key to helping Australia’s aviation industry to meet future demands for skilled workers.

The Australian Government’s Women in the Aviation Industry Initiative is encouraging more girls and women to consider rewarding and long-term career opportunities in the aviation sector, particularly in traditionally male dominated technical and operational roles.

Working in partnership with industry, the Initiative has a strong outreach focus, including conferences, workshops and careers events to deliver grassroots programs for female school and university students, as well as those considering transitioning into an aviation career.

Since it was established in 2019, the Initiative has:

  • raised awareness, guided career pathways and attracted more women to pursue aviation career opportunities
  • inspired young girls to pursue STEM subjects and consider a career in aviation
  • increased women’s confidence and empowered them to progress their aviation careers
  • provided women opportunities to build their networks across the industry
  • promoted greater gender diversity to help alleviate the demand for skilled professionals in the aviation industry.

The Government recently announced an extra $4 million for the Initiative until 2026 to support more women to pursue careers in the aviation sector.

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