Australia for ITU Council

Australia launched its ITU Council re-election campaign in Geneva today.

Australia is seeking re-election to the ITU Council for the 2023 to 2026 term.

The ITU is a United Nations specialist agency that brings together governments and industry to in support of efficient, interoperable and affordable global telecommunication networks and services.

Australia’s candidacy launch event featured remarks by Deputy Secretary Richard Windeyer and Ms Amanda Gorely, Ambassador to the UN in Geneva, who highlighted Australia’s Council credentials.

As a candidate for ITU Council, Australia aims to promote transparency, accountability and diversity for the Union. A key pillar of Australia’s election campaign is our efforts to build connectivity, particularly in Pacific Island Countries and other developing states.

If successful at the 2022 elections, Australia will continue to work collaboratively with Council members to ensure the ITU can meet the challenges arising from rapid changes in the global telecommunications environment. Australia is proud of its longstanding involvement and heritage with the ITU, having been an active participant in the Union for over 100 years.

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