$750 million available for local road and infrastructure projects

The next funding phase of the Local Roads and Community Infrastructure (LRCI) program, totalling $750 million, is now available for councils across Australia to nominate projects.

From July 2023, local councils will have access to their allocation from the $750 million Phase 4 funding.

Phase 4 funding allocations include an additional $250 million targeted to improve rural, regional and outer urban roads.

Projects funded under Phase 4 are expected to be completed by 30 June 2025.

The Australian Government has committed $3.25 billion to the LRCI program over four phases.

The LRCI program supports councils to deliver priority local road and community infrastructure projects in their region, creating jobs and long-lasting benefits for communities.

In March, the Government extended project construction timelines for Phases 1–3 of the program. Councils across Australia now have until 30 June 2024 to complete works, giving them a much-needed extra year on the LRCI construction timeframes for all three phases.

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