Accesshub Frequently Asked Questions—Helpdesk Video Feedback upload

The new Contact Helpdesk/Feedback page will allow all users of the NRS to contact the Helpdesk and receive a response via their preferred method of communication, such as email, SMS, voice, via TTY or in Auslan through a recorded video message response.

No, anyone can send the NRS Helpdesk a video message without being logged in or registered via

This is so the NRS can respond to your query if needed.

Yes, if you are logged in and navigate to the Contact Helpdesk/Feedback page your registered details will populate to the page.

Your video will be kept securely for 90 days then deleted.

If you make an error, you can rerecord you message as many times as you like until you are happy with it. Simply click the green button that says rerecord.

If leaving a message in sign, this must be in Auslan only, we are unable to respond if an alternate sign language is used.

A Helpdesk staff member will acknowledge your message within four hours of the Helpdesk opening the following business day, and provide a response to your query within two business days.

You can use any device connected to the internet, however if you are using an Apple device, you must not open in Safari browser. Google Chrome, Firefox, or Edge are recommended.

Try to keep your video brief and the Helpdesk will contact you and may need to set up a time to talk to you with an Auslan Interpreter.

Your feedback will be treated with the highest level of confidentiality. The Helpdesk will keep you informed of what actions are being taken, and will be in contact if further investigation is required.

The Helpdesk will contact you in your preferred contact method that you selected when filling out the form on the portal above the video recording.

To ensure the best outcome we recommend that you use a computer. Android devices can be used to submit feedback via the Contact Us page, iOS devices are not supported at this time.