Traffic Laws Public Submissions—summary of input received

Website update (7 August 2019):

  • 2 submissions were received after 30 June 2019, one from the Norfolk Island Legal Advisor referring to a technical legislation issue, and the other from a resident opposing ute tray riding. The below numbers and the table of submissions have been adjusted accordingly.
  • While the petitions with signatures cannot be published due to privacy reasons, a link to the text of the petitions has been included below.

The timeframe for comments on the public consultation paper closed on Sunday 30 June 2019.

The Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Cities and Regional Development (the Department) received the following input:

  • 38 individual submissions
  • 2 petitions
  • correspondence from the Norfolk Island Regional Council, which included input from the Norfolk Island Youth Council.

Submissions authorised for publication are here.

For next steps in this consultation process see here.


Of the 38, there were 11 submissions which objected to all changes. Of the remaining 25 submissions, not everyone commented on each change.

Tally of input per proposed change, where a submission articulated a clear preference*:

ProposalNo objectionObjection
2.1 Recognising Australian provisional licences (P plates) in Norfolk Island 5 16
2.2 Preventing injuries from ute tray riding 0 37
2.3 Reviewing laws applying to electric scooters and other mobility devices 1 15
2.4 Enabling removal of abandoned vehicles 4 12
2.5.1 Dangerous driving:
(a) public land,
(b) off-road (including private field)
(to (a))
(mainly to (b))
2.5.2 Drink driving (range of measures) 2 19
2.5.3 Drug driving (introduction of mobile drug testing) 4 14
2.6.1 Authority for police to immediately suspend a driver’s licence 1 17
2.6.2 National recognition of licence suspension and disqualification 2 15
2.7 Improving data collection for research purposes 2 16
2.8 Reviewing penalties for traffic offences 1 17

* Some submissions provided valuable insight, comments and/or queries in relation to one or more of the proposals, rather than simply expressing a preference for or against a proposal.

An overview of key comments is here. PDF: 548 KB