Congratulations to our new citizens and Australia Day Award recipients

As Administrator of Norfolk Island, welcoming new citizens to our island each year on Australia Day and awarding individuals for their dedication and commitment to our community is one of the highpoints of my position.

This year I had the privilege of welcoming sixteen new citizens who have chosen to call Norfolk their home. I would like to extend my personal congratulations to Rusiate Naraitabua, Sosiceni Naraitabua, Deirdre Cristofaro, Lorenzo Cyster, Michelle Cyster, Isabella Cyster, Diane Garner, Robert Kemp, Carol Kilpin, Robyn McQuade, Vakamoce Bulisuva, Thi Ngoc Duong, Netani Iowane, Verenaisi Iowane, Rogosau Nasa and Diwata Novera.

It was also my honour to announce the recipients of the 2022 Australia Day Awards for Norfolk Island, all of whom having contributed significantly to our community over what has been a challenging twelve months:

Chris Gatehouse has been named Norfolk Island’s Citizen of the Year in recognition of his outstanding contribution to our community through his many years of supporting and sponsoring a number of community organisations and for all he has achieved as President of the Cheryl Tennis Club.

Charlie Carr and Reagan Christian are sharing the award for Young Citizen of the Year due to their untiring support for Junior Rugby League on the island, including coaching and refereeing the junior teams, as well as working together successfully to bring three junior teams from Beaudesert in Queensland to compete with the Norfolk Island representative teams this year.

I will also be handing out a number of Community Achievement Awards to Norfolk Island residents who have represented the spirit of our community this year, demonstrating what makes our island truly great.

Susan Prior is being recognised for her advocacy for our marine environment, and the important work she has done towards preserving our extraordinary reef system over the past twelve months.

We are also recognising Lynne Mogey and Fenella Evans for their support of the women of Norfolk Island, voluntarily coordinating and organising over 220 dinner events with special guest speakers to provide mental and physical support to female residents, and providing a network for new women arriving on island.

Founding member of the Norfolk Island Sunshine Club Robin “Mrs Butters” Butterfield is another recipient of this year’s Community Achievement Awards in recognition for her years of voluntary community work and devoting her life to help better the lives of others in our community.

Lastly, congratulations to Ian Anderson, recipient of the 2022 Sports Award for Norfolk Island, in recognition of his courage, his sportsmanship and his determination to succeed. 

Congratulations to all of our 2022 Australia Day Award recipients. Each of you demonstrates the values and spirit that makes our community truly extraordinary.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, we were unable to hold an award ceremony on 26 January, with the official ceremony postponed until later next month.

We will keep the community advised over the coming days.

Eric Hutchinson

January 2022