Fire Danger Period for Norfolk Island

During the summer season, it is important for the Norfolk Island community to be prepared for increased risks of uncontrolled fire.

Following the advice of the Chief Fire Control Officer, I have declared a fire danger period under the Fire Control Act 2000 (NI), commencing 14 January 2022.

During this period, a person may only light a fire in the open air for cooking in a properly constructed fireplace; or in a properly constructed incinerator designed to prevent the escape of sparks or incandescent material; or in accordance with a permit issued by the Chief Fire Control Officer.

Any person who lights a fire in the open air for purposes outside those listed above is guilty of an offence and may be subject to a fine of up to $1,000 and or/ imprisonment for one year.

During the fire danger period, landowners may be directed by the Chief Fire Control Officer to take reasonable actions to prevent the spread of fire on their land. Failure to comply with these directions may result in a fine or imprisonment.

I encourage all residents to take steps to prepare for a potential uncontrolled fire within our community. This includes taking 20 minutes with your family to make a plan in the case of a fire, and preparing your home by ensuring your lawn and overhanging trees and shrubs are trimmed, removing any grass cuttings and any flammable materials from your property, ensuring your gutters are clear of debris and preparing a hose that will reach all around your home.

For more information or if you have any enquiries, contact the Chief Fire Control Officer on telephone 22049 during business hours.

Eric Hutchinson
Administrator of Norfolk Island
13 January 2022