Resumption of Air NZ flights to Norfolk Island

I am pleased to announce the Australian Government is extending its agreement with Air New Zealand for the delivery of air services to and from Norfolk Island for two years with flights resuming on 30 August 2021 and running until 27 August 2023.

Ensuring reliable passenger air services for Norfolk Island remains a key priority for the Australian Government, and I am delighted that the extension of Air New Zealand’s services provides the community with certainty on this matter.

As COVID-19 still presents challenges to domestic and international flights, the Air New Zealand crew operating these services will be based out of Brisbane until 30 November this year to ensure any potential disruptions to the Australia – New Zealand travel bubble will not affect the continuity of services to Norfolk.

The Air New Zealand flight schedule from 30 August is expected to mirror the current timetable with three flights a week departing Brisbane, and three departing Sydney, ensuring that not only residents, but also visitors, are able to access frequent flight services and take advantages of the world-class natural and cultural environment of Norfolk Island.

To mark the new contract and this exciting occasion, I will be participating in an on-island event with Air New Zealand’s Senior Manager of Network Planning, Mr Simon Kleinsorge, on 10 June, and I hope the community will join me in welcoming him to our beautiful island.

I would also like to thank Qantas and its staff for ensuring the continuity of flight services to Norfolk Island during a difficult time over recent months.

The pandemic has presented unprecedented global challenges to the aviation sector, but thanks to the hard work and commitment of Government, industry and the patience and understanding of you, the community, we have been able to mitigate the worst impacts and ensure that Norfolk Island remains an extraordinary destination to live, work and visit.

Eric Hutchinson

Administrator of Norfolk Island

10 June 2021