Administrator's statement on future service delivery arrangements

The development of an enduring partnership to deliver critical services—including health and school education—to Norfolk Island remains a key priority for the Australian Government.

I understand that there has recently been public discussion over potential arrangements for future service delivery that has led to uncertainty among the community. It is regrettable that this has occurred.

While we are not yet able to provide details of government-to-government discussions, I want to assure you that once there is a finalised arrangement in place you will hear it announced by the Australian Government—not the media.

The Australian Government has been working tirelessly to develop appropriate stable and long term service delivery arrangements, providing certainty for the community that you will have access to the high quality services that you need into the long-term.

Unfortunately, this process requires time and patience as we must ensure that we are securing the delivery of high-quality services tailored to the needs of the Norfolk Island community.

I hope that over the coming days we will be able to announce an enduring partnership that will provide Norfolk Islanders with the critical services you need to ensure we remain a world class location to live, work and visit. 

With the NSW Government committing to extend education service delivery to the end of 2021, the community will not be disadvantaged as we continue to progress future arrangements to secure a long-term partnership to deliver essential services into the future.

Eric Hutchinson
Administrator of Norfolk Island
29 January 2021