Transition to new service provider for NI workers' compensation scheme

The new workers" compensation arrangements for Norfolk Island are now in place, with the formal transition to service provider Gallagher Bassett occurring this week.

Gallagher Bassett are experts in claim management and their extensive experience in workers" compensation places them well to deliver the local workers" compensation scheme.

The new compensation scheme commenced on 4 January 2021, following Gallagher Bassett's work over recent weeks with the Norfolk Island Regional Council and the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications to ensure a smooth hand-over of services.

Gallagher Basset's role in administering the scheme going forward includes assessing claims for compensation, managing compensation payments and providing information and support for employers and employees who are part of the scheme.

Gallagher Bassett will be visiting Norfolk Island next week commencing 11 January to finalise transition arrangements with Council, and meet with the local business and employment sector, health and the local community.

They will be available to answer any questions relating to the new workers" compensation scheme and provide support and advice to the community, including new or existing scheme members. For any enquiries during 11 January-18 January, please call 51472, or email

Eric Hutchinson
Administrator of Norfolk Island
7 January 2021