Additional Sydney passenger flight for Norfolk Island

I am pleased to announce the Australian Government is supporting an additional flight between Norfolk Island and Sydney, with the new schedule commencing 9 November.

Air New Zealand currently provides three passenger flights arriving on Norfolk Island each week, one from Sydney and two from Brisbane, with an additional flight from Brisbane having commenced on 13 October.

The additional flight from Sydney will arrive on Norfolk Island on Mondays, supplementing the existing Friday flight.

The Australian Government is continuing to respond to growing passenger demands, and is committed to supporting tourists to return to Norfolk Island as travel restrictions ease. The timetable is subject to continual monitoring and review, with scheduling informed by flight booking records.

Air New Zealand, with Australian Government support, deliver critical passenger and freight services to Norfolk Island to ensure Norfolk Island remains an exceptional place to live, work and visit.

I will continue to support the local tourism sector to help our businesses and economy grow, and will also continue to assist the Norfolk Island Regional Council to promote the Island as a world-class travel destination.

If you have any queries about flights during this period of change, please contact Burnt Pine Travel on or phone +6723 22195.

Eric Hutchinson
Administrator of Norfolk Island
14 October 2020