Passenger flight schedule for Norfolk Island

The importance of bringing travellers back to Norfolk Island is well understood.

Air New Zealand, with Australian Government support, is committed to continuing to deliver critical passenger and freight services to Norfolk Island.

This commitment has been clearly demonstrated through the Government's ongoing provision of services throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Air New Zealand currently provides two passenger flights arriving on Norfolk Island each week, one from Sydney and one from Brisbane.

These arrangements will continue—but the flight schedule is not set in stone. Flight schedule arrangements will vary depending on demand and COVID 19-related travel restrictions.

The department continues to work closely with Air New Zealand to ensure the operation of a schedule that reflects passenger demand, and to determine when additional flights to Norfolk Island from Sydney and Brisbane can be scheduled.

The timetable is subject to continual monitoring and review, and additional flights can be scheduled if there is sufficient demand for them. The statistical information used to inform decisions about flight schedules is drawn from flight booking records.

In addition to the ongoing good work of the Norfolk Island Regional Council and the local tourism industry in marketing and promoting the Island, I am also currently promoting the island as a destination and encouraging people to travel here through media interviews. These interviews are currently focusing on Queensland and I look forward to engaging with New South Wales media and other states and territories in the future, as markets and borders open.

The journey out of COVID-19 and its impacts will take time, but working together, we will come out the other side.

If you have any queries about flights during this period of change, please contact Burnt Pine Travel on or phone +6723 22195.

Eric Hutchinson
Administrator of Norfolk Island
17 September 2020