Progress for the Kingston Pier Channel Construction Project

Following extensive consultation, a design for the proposed Kingston Pier Channel construction project has been selected and will now progress through to the next, more detailed stage of the design process.

Community and stakeholder feedback undertaken in both February and June informed the selection of the design, which was chosen out of four initial and two additional design options as best fitting the project requirements.

The selected design's more narrow width (by 4.5 metres) and sloped channel bed will support greater access to the Pier for a variety of vessels using the channel—including larger commercial charters and fishing vessels for future tourism and commerce opportunities—while having minimal impact on wave behaviour, the marine environment, and potential archaeological finds.

The chosen option, known as Option 3A, allows for more than one vessel to use the channel at a time to access the Pier (subject to swell and weather conditions) and will also have no impact on the structural integrity of the Pier, which was a key stakeholder concern.

Thank you to stakeholders and the community for their input on the initial design and the department will report back to the community once the detailed design phase is complete, for review and feedback. 

The Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act Referral for the project is progressing based on Option 3A, and will be available online for public viewing and comment. The department will advise the community when this will take place.

If you have any enquiries about the project, please email

Eric Hutchinson
Administrator of Norfolk Island
30 July 2020