Update on economic stimulus projects for Norfolk Island

Following on from the Australian Government's recent announcement of a tailored COVID-19 economic stimulus package for Norfolk Island, I am pleased to share with you the projects which will be supported.

As the Assistant Minister said, we understand the significant impact the Coronavirus and associated restrictions has had on tourism and the local economies.

That is why we worked closely with the Norfolk Island Regional Council to identify these 22 community projects which will increase local employment and improve the infrastructure used by locals and tourists.

Improving local infrastructure also enhances the experience of visitors to Norfolk Island. A key objective through the projects is to encourage return visits and attract a wider variety of visitors from different markets and backgrounds to experience the rich heritage and attractions of Norfolk Island.

The projects will not only provide a short-term stimulus for local jobs, but also deliver ongoing benefit to the community, businesses and the economy.

The community projects are complemented by a $475,000 tourism promotion package. The package will ensure Norfolk Island is visible to future travellers in what will be a competitive domestic market. I am in ongoing discussions about the package and more detail will be provided soon.

The projects are outlined below. They will be delivered between the Council and the Commonwealth, depending on location.

The Cascade port project will follow the current feasibility study being conducted on the Council's Cascade proposal and the range of options canvassed in the Ports Management Strategy. The objective is to deliver a long-term sustainable shipping solution for the Island.

Bicentennial Centre Refurbishment and maintenance works including relocation of administrative staff from Kingston to Burnt Pine
Cascade Roll on Roll Off design Business case for development of Cascade as an all-weather port
Waste Management Innovation Improve waste facilities and collection around the Island for visitors and residents
Footpath construction—Airport to Burnt Pine Improved access and safety for tourists and local communities, including lighting and 4G poles.
Youth Centre Renovation Renovate multipurpose meeting centre for youth (shared with the elderly)
Lions Park Playground Modernise equipment
Rawson Hall Major revitalisation and maintenance (interior & exterior) for this central community facility
Malcolm Champion oval Install stadium seating and facilities for community sporting events
Netball courts Court surface upgrade (2)
Junior League Finish Club shed and provide facilities
Anson Bay Reserve Upgrade recreational facilities and improve visitor amenity
Puppy's Jacobs Reserve Install recreational facilities and improve visitor amenity
Public Reserves toilets Facility upgrade of all toilets, basins and sheds across all public toilets at public reserves
Cascade area Improve top viewing area
Cockpit Reserve Repair bridges (wooden and historic stone)
Toilets behind Tempo & Lighterage sheds Maintenance and safety works
Amateur Sports Association Repairs to meeting place
Tennis Club Court surface upgrade (6) and clubhouse works
Gun Club Maintenance works on club facilities
Bowling Club Shade awnings for Club, greens upgrades
Squash courts Maintenance works on club facilities
Tourism promotion Develop and deliver targeted strategies to reinvigorate tourism in both new and established markets.

The total Commonwealth contribution to these projects is $5.45 million.

I would like to thank the Council for the role it played in the selection of these projects, and its ongoing role in delivery.

Eric Hutchinson
Administrator of Norfolk Island
16 July 2020