Updated passenger flight schedule for Norfolk Island

Short-term changes to Norfolk Island's regular passenger air service schedule provided by Air New Zealand (Air NZ) will be in place between 1 September 2020 and 24 October 2020.

During this period, passenger flight services between Norfolk Island and Brisbane will operate on Monday and Friday rather than Saturday and Tuesday, which is one day earlier than the usual schedule. Passengers currently booked on the Tuesday service from Norfolk Island to Brisbane will be re-booked on the Monday prior, with no re-booking fee charged.

Services between Norfolk Island and Sydney will operate on Tuesday and Saturday rather than Monday and Friday, which is one day later than the usual schedule. During this period, passengers currently booked on the Monday service from Norfolk Island to Sydney will be re-booked on the following Tuesday, with no re-booking fee charged.

This arrangement keeps ticket prices within a specified range to protect travellers from price fluctuations.

Up until 1 September 2020, services between mainland Australia and Norfolk Island will continue to operate as currently scheduled. From 25 October 2020, services will resume operating in accordance with the current schedule.

If you have any queries about flights during this period of change, please contact Burnt Pine Travel on travel@burntpinetravel.nf or phone +6723 22195.

Eric Hutchinson
Administrator of Norfolk Island
16 July 2020