Norfolk Island Passenger Transfer Vessel operations contract

The Australian Government has contracted Transam Argosy to provide ongoing maintenance and operation of Norfolk Island's Passenger Transfer Vessels (PTVs).

The contract was awarded to Transam Argosy following an open tender process. The contract will support future cruise ship visits, with a fee paid per scheduled visit to the operators.

The Government funded the operations for recent cruise ship visits to Norfolk Island following the delivery of the PTVs under short-term agreements with Transam Argosy. This was separate to the long-term contract process. All three PTVs, Wana (sea urchin), Hihi (periwinkle) and Nuffka (kingfisher), performed well, ensuring the smooth transfer of passengers from the cruise liners that visited to shore, and back again.

If you have any enquiries about the PTVs, please email

Eric Hutchinson
Administrator of Norfolk Island
7 May 2020