Update on passenger transfer vessel contract

Following the two successful cruise ship visits in January, I want to provide the community with an update on the contract for the long term operation of the passenger transfer vessels (PTVs).

Contract negotiations with the preferred tenderer for the long term operation of the PTVs are well progressed but still ongoing.

The Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Cities and Regional Development will finalise the contract as soon as possible and will then make an announcement to the community and stakeholders on the outcome.

The Australian Government funded the operations for the January visits under a short-term agreement with Transam Argosy, who we thank for their efforts and planning which made the stops a success. 

This arrangement was separate to the long-term contract process.

All three PTVs again performed well, ensuring smooth transfer operations from the cruise liners that visited on 9 January and 23 January to shore, and back again.

As we work together to encourage sustainable cruise and general tourism growth, I want to thank the local businesses and the many volunteers who helped to support the January visits.

Eric Hutchinson
Administrator of Norfolk Island

23 January 2020