Norfolk Island Regional Council Elections

Media Release

3 June 2016

Today I advise the election for the Norfolk Island Regional Council has concluded and the results declared.

Five councillors have been elected in the following order:

  • Mr Rod Buffett
  • Mr Lisle Snell
  • Mr David Porter
  • Mr John McCoy
  • Ms Robin Adams

In total 942 formal first preference votes were recorded and a quota of 158 votes was required to be elected. Mr Rod Buffett secured sufficient first preference votes to reach the quota and was first elected.

A process of distribution of Mr Rod Buffet's surplus votes and the preference votes from the lowest ranked candidates also saw Mr Lisle Snell and Mr David Porter elected respectively, when their votes reached the quota. Further preference distributions of votes received by the remaining lowest ranked candidates saw both Mr John McCoy and Ms Robin Adams elected respectively without reaching the quota, as they attained more votes than the remaining candidate.

I wish to thank all candidates for their participation in the election process and offer my congratulations to those who were successful. I look forward to working with each of you when you take up office on 1 July 2016.

I also wish to acknowledge the work of Australian Election Company which managed the process of this historic election. Community members interested in reviewing the primary votes and preference distribution process can view this information on the website of Australian Election Company:

The Hon Gary Hardgrave