Commonwealth Day 2016

Media Release

11 March 2016

‘An Inclusive Commonwealth’ is the theme for Commonwealth Day 14 March 2016.

As a long standing nation within the Commonwealth, Australia has evolved into a nation of cultural, linguistic and religious diversity. However, it is what we have in common which unites us. Regardless of whom we are and where we come from we are subject to the Rule of Law and we communicate with each other through the common English language.

There is a real strength through our diversity just as there is across our inclusive Commonwealth of Nations.

Australia dynamic and diverse community keeps us at the forefront of innovation, growth and contributing to global value. In a diverse and increasingly connected global network, mature Commonwealth Nations like Australia bring fresh perspectives and new ideas yet we are strengthened by our solid values as the world's sixth oldest continuous democracy.

‘An Inclusive Commonwealth’ refers to values of tolerance, respect and understanding, as well as equity and fairness, which are set out in the Commonwealth Charter.

The Hon Gary Hardgrave