Strategy prioritises road infrastructure and the safety of road users

5 November 2015

I am pleased to release the Norfolk Island Roads Audit and Strategy which provides an audit of the Island's paved road system, assessing the condition of infrastructure and identifying priority improvements and redesigns to minimise road and pedestrian safety risks.

This report will inform future road works which require urgent attention, safety improvements and a longer term strategy to maintaining the road system.

A significant focus of the study was on the safety of road users (including cyclists, pedestrians and others in the vicinity) whilst having strong regard to the impacts on tourism, heritage and commercial activities such as the movement of freight around the island.

In completing the report, WorleyParsons undertook site assessments on each of their three visits to the island and consulted widely with stakeholders, including holding a Risk Identification and Rating Workshop. This workshop provided an opportunity for local representatives to provide feedback on what had been done so far. The report noted the community's preference for keeping the ‘country lanes aspect’.

The report outlines a priority list of road infrastructure upgrades and indicative costs of these, and the ongoing maintenance requirements for the roads on the Island.

As well as finding 30km of the Island's roads require urgent attention, the Report recommended two key upgrades take place; traffic safety and pedestrian access from Queen Elizabeth Avenue to Burnt Pine, and an upgrade to the roads in the School precinct.

The initial findings identified by WorleyParsons" review informed the Australian Government funded upgrade of the footpath and associated works from Queen Elizabeth Avenue to Burnt Pine which was announced on 30 June 2015 by the Hon Jamie Briggs MP during his visit to Norfolk Island.

WorleyParsons also identified serious structural defects with the Bay Street Bridge within Kingston and Arthur's Vale Heritage Area. Urgent repair works costing over $70 000 were recommended. These were funded by the Australian Government and recently completed by the Administration of Norfolk Island's Works Team and local contractors.

The report estimated the cost to upgrade five urgent roads is between $3.5–5.5m. The broader estimated cost to restore the surface of all roads across Norfolk Island, which requires urgent attention for safe and effective use, will be approximately $10–15m.

The report's upgrade priority list will form the basis for investment in road infrastructure on Norfolk Island in future years.

The Norfolk Island Roads Audit and Strategy is available at

The Hon. Gary Hardgrave