Doug Creek earns a little river of Gold for Norfolk

Media Release

09 July 2015

Norfolk Island pistol shooters have won Gold, Silver and two Bronze Medals to dominate the XV Pacific Games in Port Moresby Papua New Guinea.

Congratulations to Doug Creek for winning a Gold and two Bronze Medals and Kevin Coulter for winning a Silver Medal.

Both Kevin and Doug have had to relearn their skill after being forced to change hands for pistol shooting.

Doug's Gold Medal is a personal triumph since his injury to his right hand some years ago forced him to learn to shoot with his left hand. This result is a perfect tribute to his personal dedication and strength of character.

The attainment of winning the 25 metres pistol mixed competition allows Norfolk Island to claim the first gold medal in the event at the Pacific Games.

Doug ended the event with a total of 526 points from the two-day contest edging out the competitors from Tahiti (silver with 524 points) and New Caledonia (bronze with 522 points).

I am told it is likely to be Kevin's last international event in pistol shooting. He won Silver, with Doug Creek winning Bronze in the 10m stand event. It is a wonderful result.

This is the first time pistol shooting has been contested in the Pacific Games. Kevin and Doug's success helps ensure Norfolk Island's ongoing participation in the Games for many years to come.

Lorraine and I intend to host a welcome home reception at Government House for Doug, Kevin and other members of the Norfolk Island Pacific Games Team in coming weeks.

The Hon Gary Hardgrave
Territory of Norfolk Island