2015/16 Annual Budgets

Media Release

25 June 2015

Part 2 of the Commonwealth Finance Minister's (Norfolk Island) Orders 2011 require before the start of the budget year, annual budgets for the Administration of Norfolk Island and each Territory Authority be prepared and publicly released.

Accordingly, the 2015/16 Annual Budgets for the Administration of Norfolk Island, the Norfolk Island Government Tourist Bureau and the Norfolk Island Hospital Enterprise have been released today and are available via the following link www.norfolkisland.gov.nf/reports/Financial Statements/.

Budgeted funding has been appropriated for 2015/16 via an Ordinance issued by the Governor-General.  A copy of the Ordinance and the associated Explanatory Memorandum can also be found via the above link.

It is anticipated reviews of the 2015/16 annual budgets will be required during the year to accommodate the implementation of reforms and unforeseen expenditure needs.  Further information regarding changes to the annual budgets will be provided via ongoing engagement with the community and as part of the mid-year budget report.

The Hon Gary Hardgrave
Territory of Norfolk Island