Commonwealth Day 2015

Media Release

02 March 2015

Her Majesty has approved “A Young Commonwealth” as the theme for Commonwealth Day 9 March 2015.

“A Young Commonwealth” recognises the capacity, contribution and potential of young people, particularly given those aged 29 or under account for the majority of the Commonwealth's population, and play a vital role at the heart of sustainable development and democracy.

As a key part of the Commonwealth family, Australia is one of the dynamic countries at the forefront of innovation, growth and contributing global value. As a diverse and increasingly connected global network, Commonwealth Nations like Australia bring fresh perspectives and new ideas. This ensures the Commonwealth remains a contemporary and “young” group of countries.

We are grateful for the inspiring sense of lifelong service shown by Her Majesty the Queen. As Queen of Australia and Head of the Commonwealth, Her Majesty represents a defining figure for one third of the world's population located in over fifty countries.

The Commonwealth of Nations is based on adherence to the rule of law and democracy. Australia is the sixth oldest continuous democracy in the world. It is the influence of British Westminster traditions which has underpinned our way of life.

Just like the other old democracies, Australia has evolved into a nation of cultural, linguistic and religious diversity.  There is a real strength through our diversity just as there is across the Commonwealth.

Across Australia hundreds of languages and cultures are practised and celebrated by individuals. What we have in common unites us. Regardless of who we are and where we come from we are governed by the same laws and communicate through the common English language.

As defined by the ANZAC Spirit, Australia's values, democracy, freedom and way of life have been secured by those who have had the courage to defend us in our name.

These values are firmly identified by the cultural, linguistic and religious diversity of Australia and also within the Commonwealth of Nations.

The Hon. Gary Hardgrave