Partnership for service delivery continues

The Australian Government and Norfolk Island Regional Council (NIRC) have reconfirmed their partnership for service delivery to the Norfolk Island community.

As well as delivering local government functions, the NIRC delivers some state-level functions on behalf of the Commonwealth under a Service Delivery Agreement (SDA).

While under administration, the NIRC is addressing audit recommendations and Public Inquiry findings in preparation to return to an elected Council. With the signing of a SDA for 2022-23, the Government will continue to support the proper and effective functioning of the NIRC to serve the best interests of the local community with strengthened governance, financial performance, operations, systems and processes.

The new SDA will further support the delivery of Commonwealth-funded improvements in infrastructure, including electricity, shipping, and waste and recycling, and continue Commonwealth funding for the delivery of services including tourism marketing and the Argentine ant eradication program.

From 1 July 2022, in line with the recommendation of the KAVHA Heritage Management Plan, there have been additional changes to bring staff working on the management of the Kingston and Arthur’s Vale Heritage Area together. This has seen the NIRC Kingston works team and museum staff seconded to the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications and the Arts.

There will be no immediate changes to the Kingston functions as a result of the secondment, except the seconded NIRC staff will work directly with and report to the Department’s Kingston team.

The Norfolk Island Collection will continue to be owned by the community and managed by the Norfolk Island Museum Trust. The collections are safeguarded under the Moveable Heritage Act and the Norfolk Island Museum Trust Act.

The Norfolk Island Collection will continue to be displayed within the Kingston site and the Department will continue to fund the staffing and conservation of the collection, as this forms an integral part of the Kingston Museums and the site’s heritage.

The Australian Government and the NIRC remain committed to working together for the long-term, sustainable governance of the Norfolk Island community and will continue to keep Norfolk Island residents informed as we continue to build an effective way forward for the management of Norfolk Island.

Eric Hutchinson

Administrator of Norfolk Island                      

Michael Colreavy

Administrator, NIRC

28 July 2022