Electricity fees in the Jervis Bay Territory

31 March 2020

2020/05 PDF: 340 KB
Relevant: Jervis Bay Territory Electricity Account Holders
Topic: Electricity fees in the Jervis Bay Territory

The Jervis Bay Territory Administration (JBTA) facilitates provision of electricity supply in the Jervis Bay Territory (JBT). A review of electricity supply fees is undertaken annually.

Following a review in late 2019, JBT residents were consulted in March about proposed updated electricity fees for the JBT, scheduled to take effect from 1 April 2020.

Given the current COVID-19 situation, implementation of the proposed updated electricity fees will not occur as originally scheduled.

The current fee arrangements as set out in the Electricity Supply Fees Determination 2019 (Jervis Bay Territory) will continue to apply in the JBT until further notice.

Matt Gardiner
Director of Operations
Jervis Bay Territory Administration