Precautionary signage regarding PFAS

9 November 2018

2018/12—Precautionary signage regarding PFAS PDF: 459 KB
Relevant: Jervis Bay Territory Residents
Update on precautionary signage to be installed in the JBT regarding per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS)

The Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities advises that precautionary signage will soon be placed at a number of locations around Jervis Bay Territory near waterways where PFAS has been found, these include:

  • Mary Creek
  • Summercloud Creek
  • Captain’s Lagoon
  • Flatrock Creek

The precautionary signage at Mary Creek will advise that the creek is closed to human use. Signage at Summercloud Creek, Captain’s Lagoon and Flatrock Creek will advise that catching and eating seafood from these locations should be avoided. Signs are expected to be installed in the week ending 16 November 2018. A map of where the signs will be located is attached.

Residents and visitors are advised there is no detectable PFAS in the JBT drinking water.

A factsheet about PFAS in the Jervis Bay Area has recently been prepared by NSW Environment Protection Authority and is also attached.

For more information:

For further information on the ongoing PFAS investigation, please contact the Defence Hotline on 1800 987 618 or visit the Defence website at:

For general information on PFAS health effects and exposure pathways, contact the Commonwealth Department of Health on 1800 941 180, or see the fact sheet which is available from:

Luke Slattery
Jervis Bay Territory Administration